sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

What should I do..?

The thing is..
I want to forget what you did 'cause it hurts, but I also want to remember it so I can learn to not do the same mistake.
I want to forget you 'cause you're an asshole and I hate you, but I can't 'cause deeply in me I know that I only hate you 'cause I love you.
I want to help you, but I can't 'cause I know that now we've got no time to do that..
I want to get to know you better like I should have done before, but I can't 'cause that's impossible.
And...  Every day I wish all that happens in my dreams could happen in real life too, but it won't happen 'cause dreams are the only place you exist now. :c

terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

in our days...

     I've been thinking... People talk so much about anorexy and bulimia but, have they even thought about why it is a problem in odays?? It's obvious!
     I've been watching fashion tv and I've been looking carefully to the publicity in the streets and shops.. And, even I (and I'm skiny!!) thought that I should loose a few pounds!!
     What annoys me is that, watching as carefully as  somebody who's just "watching TV" I looked and I thought they were so hot and was just so jealusy that, for a while, I was thinking I should eat a litlle less, practise a few more sports... I swear for God, almost all the hot chiks in my school are skiny, and many people I know that is "hot" goes to a doctor and the advice is always: " You need to get some extra kilos..." and I can't stop thinking  about getting thiner ...

     If someday I get anoretic, after blaming myself I'll blame all the ideas about body image from the 20th century untill now!!!

I believe...

     I believe that, in life, there's only one thing we must be faithful to, ourselves.
     As a milk publicity says " If I don't like myself, who will?"

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

A new philosophy of life

     I think I'm so desperate to find my own way to live life that I've come to a point where I even compare life to food! However, what came out of my head was not that a bad idea...
     I'm in that fase of life when you change school, you get "holder", and somehow I feel like I have to change. If I can be happier, Why not??
     In my life there won't be any kind of tofu, seitan or soja. Or it is meat or fish. Or it is yes or no. Friends or simple known. Or you like someone or you deslike that person. The reson? I don't know if you'd notice, but all the " so and so", all the " I kind of like him, but I'm not shour..." and all that "false friends" are the things that most hurt you. All because you don't know how to react! If there's a "NO" you know you just have to move on and acept it, if there's a "YES" you know you have to jump, scream and be happy but, how to react if theres's a "SO AND SO" or "I'M NOT SHOUR... "?????
    Honestly and speaking by heart, I'm tired of suffering and, if I can avoyd it, that's what I'll do. And I think this is the most easy way to start. :)

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Philosophical questions (????)

I've been thinking about some questions for the last month, and I can get no clear answer to them. I've proposed them to many of my friends but none of them knew how to answer. These were the questions:

1- It happens to almost every one.. You're looking on the mirror and you're gorgeous but, if you take some photos at the same time you're AWFUL!! :o
     And the question is:           What do other people see when they look at you: the image you see on the mirror,  the image you see on the camara, or something somewhere between both?

One of the answers I've recived was that maybe the most real image of ourselves was the image on the mirror because camaras have different resolutions, the quality depends on stuff like the light, if the photographer is good or not, etc. . However, on the mirror, the image you see is a reflexion and the "camara" are your own eyes (and trust me, it is the best camara you can ever find!).

2- Everybody knows that the psychological image can afect the physical image.
         And the question is:         How far can it go?? How far can you change on the outside because of what you  are on the inside??

One of the answers was that it can change completely everything!!! I've got to be honest, this has already happend to me!

3- We all know that everybody looks different depending on the eyes of who's looking, that everyone likes different things...
        And the question is:           What's your "real image"? Does it even exist? Or is our image variable?

To this one I've no answer.

I don't know how many people come to my blog, maybe none, but please, if you come here and see this, coment! I'm thinking hardly about this and I would like to know what's your opinion. :D

Descovering a new passion: Photography

    This all started 'cause  I've got a friend that loveeees photography. So, when we go anywhere, she always has to bring her camara with her. She stops all the time 'cause "that photo is great!". It's interesting to be with her and observ her when she is focous. So, oneday, I decided "Why just observ?". And, in the field trip after that, I took my camara too. Wow! What I descoverd was just awesome!! You  can have so much fun photographying! I guess it would  be better if I show you some examples of my photos..

Did you like  it?? I've just started now, but I think the photos I take are not that awful... :)

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

Life instructions

A few time ago I found this image on a friend's Facebook page. I even clicked on "like". It was just great. In resum, it was everything I try to do in my own life.  But that's kind of normal... My mother is one of that persons that has as rules smilying and face the problems. I don't know if it's because of my age or something like that but, most times I'm not like her. Yes, I face my problems and try to solv them, but I never do it smilying all the time. Althought, I've got the perfect notion who's wrong: ME. For my mum, life's not an ocean of roses, not even close. But it's not that bad! Every day she faces everyone with a smile, a nice word and happyness. 'Cause life's only one day. And if we don't enjoy it, noone's going to live it for us and we won't be able to came back to live it again.
So, when I saw this image I remembered of her.